Leiters Ford

Home of the Pottawatomie Indians

Aubbeenaubbee Township was settled by the Pottawatomie Indians, and Leiters Ford was just a trail along the Tippecanoe River.

The township was named after that Potawatomi Chief Aubbeenaubbee. The original ford (called Hunter’s Ford) was established by William Hunter in 1840 on the south bank of the Tippecanoe River where he cleared shallow areas on either bank to create a crossing for the river and the settlers that would follow. This same ford was then sold to John Leiter in 1845. He then renamed the settlement, Leiters Ford. These days Leiters Ford and the surrounding area are a bit quieter and maybe not as commercially busy as the county seat but we none the less love our community and the past, present and future that Leiters Ford and all of Aubbeenaubbee Township can provide.

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