Fulton County

Lakeside Kitchen

6571 S. Sunset Blvd Macy


In the words of some of our customers, “Nyona Lake is Indiana’s best-kept secret.” However, It wasn’t always a secret. Nyona Lake began development in September 1924 by John Shaffer and Bill Foust. Nyona Lake was named after John’s wife, Bessie Nyona. Throughout the 1920’s and 1930s Nyona Lake became a popular hang-out spot for locals and travelers. According to legend and some rumors, Nyona Lake was often frequented by Al Capone, Tom Mix, and Clyde Beatty. Although the exact time that the building in which Lakeside Kitchen currently resides was built is unknown, it was originally called Heckathorn’s. Lakeside Kitchen was bought by Christina and Tim in March 2017. Today, Lakeside Kitchen is a family-friendly environment serving traditional diner food.

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