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Streamliner Restaurant


The first Streamliner menu offered hamburgers, ham, pork & beef barbecue, ham salad, cheese and homemade chili. Hamburgers sold for 10 cents each or you could have a deluxe for 25 cents. Malts and shakes were 15 cents each or 2 for 25 cents. Later, we started making our own 10 cent French Fries. Of course, our menu has expanded over the years and, although we can’t offer hamburgers or french fries for 10 cents anymore, we do continue to offer the best in quality and dollar value possible. Service and cleanliness have always been and will continue to be our other main concerns. If this is your first visit with us, we certainly hope you enjoy it, and thank you for coming! If you have been here before or are one of our “old timers”, thanks again! It’s very satisfying to us when we see people returning time after time and letting us know how much they enjoy eating at The Streamliner.

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